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Welcome! You'll find full treatments of UK Trichophorum, and Eleocharis, a bit on the Hymenophyllum hybrid, H. x scopulorum, and a gallery of photos and a discussion page for the Teesdale Violet, Viola rupestris.

Let me know your opinions – is it easy to read and extract the information? – what would enhance it? – errors? – material which is not currently downloadable which you would like to able to download? – etc.

Grateful thanks – Jeremy Roberts, November 2016.

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... to 28 November 2016. Any suggestions as to what you would like to see in future?

Recent changes
July 2016: added a page and a photo of Cotton Deergrass, Trichophorum alpinum (having just located a specimen of it). Abandoned albums from Canon.
October 2013: added links to deergrass and filmy-fern albums.
February 2013: added a page/download concerning "Eleocharis mitracarpa", accessed from the sidebar on the spike-rushes start page (link above).
December 2012: added a gallery of photos of
Viola rupestris (Teesdale Violet), linked above.
April/May 2012: complete layout redesign; separate species pages for deegrasses; more on Eleocharis palustris subspecies palustris; more on Eleocharis hybrids, E. parvula, and photos from a kind contributor for parvula and acicularis., q.v.
10 February 2012: new page in Spike-rushes section on
mamillata sensu stricto; previous references to ‘mamillata’ now refer as appropriate to the species mamillata, or to either subspecies mamillata or austriaca; more literature references added; a new small page in Deergrass section; some additions elsewhere.
6 January 2012: reference to paper naming new filmy-fern hybrid.
2 January 2012: improving style uniformity across the site.
27 November 2011: tweaking; a new page on E. palustris x uniglumis (link from pages ‘Spike-rushes’, ‘palustris’ and ‘uniglumis’).
20 November 2011: a section on Eleocharis – at last!
12 August 2011: updates to all sections and a new page in Trichophorum section

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